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Piles of Paper

Our Services

On-site mobile document destruction simply put; means that there are minimized opportunities for security and data breaches. One-time and routine service options are both available. 

Routine services are priced on a cabinet or toter basis. If a customer has additional paper during the stop, toter or box pricing is followed which aligns with our purge service pricing. 

Purge service is priced off of a per-box or per-toter method. If documents are loose, such as in a file cabinet or in irregular size containers, toter pricing will take place. If documents are in copy paper boxes, there is a fixed box price. 

Since 2002, our fleet of trucks have taken care of on-site mobile document destruction needs. We offer many different options; and service customers both on a routine and as-needed basis. 

Shown below is our security equipment that is utilized for storage and collection services and will help determine what will meet your needs best:

2 cabinets.jpg

Standard Cabinets

Routine service options with provided security cabinets. Ratios are based on a 4 week routine service.

Size Options

Staff per cabinet ratio


Short Cabinet                        3:1                                     19x16x27

Standard Cabinet                  5:1                                     19x16x35

Grey Toter.jpg


Routine service and one-time service options. 

Size Options



64 Gallon                               150 pounds                         42x24x30

96 Gallon                               200 pounds                         48x26x34


Box Sizes

Box pricing is used for extra documents, one-time purge service, and residential drop-off service

Size Options


Cubic Feet

Standard                                 12x16x10                       1                                   

Large                                       24x12x10                    1.7

Large Legal                             24x16x10                    2.1 

What can be shredded?

  • General Mixed Paper

  • Computer Paper

  • Deposit and Bank Statements

  • Credit Card and Identification Cards

  • Blue Prints

  • Manilla Envelopes and File Folders

  • Staples, Paperclips, and Soft Folding Tabs

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