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Covid-19 Position Statement

Covid 19

Interactions with Clients

Security: The security and integrity of the information clients rely on us to protect and manage will continue to be a top priority. The usual high standard of care we provide in that regard will remain unchanged. 

Flexibility: At this time, unless instructed or arranged otherwise at the client's discretion, we will continue to provide service as scheduled. To modify service, please contact Shred Experts LLC Customer Service at 989-752-4200 or [email protected].  

Employee/Client Interaction: As services continue, we have implemented explicit policies, instructions, and training to minimize the need for interaction among clients' employees and others, including our employees adhering to the following:

  • Not reporting for work should they feel any symptoms, including but not limited to fever, difficult, breathing, headaches, or muscle aches. 

  • Declaring their fitness for duty each day upon arrival at work, which is also subject to supervisor evaluation

  • Frequent sanitizing of hands, and where possible, wearing sanitized gloves and face masks

  • Washing of any, and all equipment that is used to service clients

  • Maintaining a safe distance between customers employees and eliminating or minimizing the need to exchange paperwork or writing instruments during service

  • If refused entry due to a client policy or concern, stand down

  • Maintaining all existing policies related to data security, including authorized access to records and media already transferred to employees' custody

Regarding Data Protection & Integrity

It is well known that times of high stress create security vulnerabilities. Telecommuting and reduced staffing have the potential to put data security at risk and increase the potential for fraud and targeted email phishing. We urge all clients and employees to ensure the protection of regulated information is not put at risk during the period. 

Clients should consider providing instructions and the means for remote employees to safeguard any information required to be retained, as well as the instructions and means for remote employees to properly destroy discarded information and media. 

As it is also expected, the rate of business may well slow during this time, it may offer an opportunity to remove unnecessary, obsolete records and electronic equipment from the storage areas. Such records and electronic equipment are known to pose a recognized risk to data security. 

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