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Hard-Drive and Media Destruction 

While it may seem that simply "deleting" stored information from a hard drive will protect your company's private information, it is not enough. While information will be wiped from the hard drive, data recovery software will allow for information to be recovered. To save your customer's information as well as information that could spill many secrets to success, it is important to work with a NAID Triple AAA Certified vendor that will handle the destruction process with best known practices in mind. 
It is misinformation that damaging with a hammer, pulling apart with a screwdriver, using a magnet, or even storing new information on a hard-drive will provide the means to stop identity theft. Use a NAID Triple AAA Certified Vendor to mitigate the risk of identify theft happening to you. 
Image by Vincent Botta
We provide on-site hard drive destruction. Each hard drive is scanned and documented before destruction. Customers are provided with a Certificate of Destruction after completion

Non-Document Shredding Services

Confidential information is found on an assortment of materials. From old debit cards, X-Rays, microfiche, deposit bags, and many others.... the necessity of confidentially destroying is at an all time high. 
Have a unique item that needs to be confidentially destroyed? Give us a call. 
Image by Jonathan Borba
Image by Vincent Botta
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