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Data Breach Reporting Service 

Michigan Law requires that any and all organizations that conduct business in their state must report all unauthorized disclosure of

personally identifiable information.

Our DATA BREACH REPORTING SERVICE powered by CSR Privacy Solutions will allow our customers to stay ahead of the game when a data breach occurs.

In 2020, over $300 million dollars in fines have been given to companies who have not properly protected their customers and personal identifiable information. 

Trained and certified advisors are ready 24-7 to take your call and determine what necessary reporting must take place when your business 

experiences a data breach.


Local, State, and Federal law require businesses to protect all PII and when unauthorized spread of this information happens, having a support system to remediate these breaches is crucial.

CSR Breach Reporting Service Video

CSR Breach Reporting Service Video

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Readiness Overview

Readiness Overview

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All 50 states have data breach reporting laws. Click the icon below to see what Michigan currently has in place. 

Flowchart - BRS experience for the custo

The BRS Experience: 

Collect security event information and call the toll-free number provided.

A CSR Privacy Professional (CIPP) conducts an interview to evaluate the incident.

Review panel of CIPP professionals determines if breach reporting or consumer notification are required. 

Did you Know?
Your reporting requirements may be much greater than you realize. If your customer base stems from multiple states, you may be required to report the breach to multiple states and federal agencies. Our data breach reporting service will assist your every need, and ensure that you're taking the right steps. 
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