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Data Breach Prevention Simplified!

All businesses that collect personal information must be compliant with the law. 

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CSR Readiness is a PROACTIVE solution that helps your business improve the way it handles personal information and will identify potential privacy or security deficiencies.

It then provides a prioritized remediation schedule to fill the gaps in your privacy policies and practices. This is critical should you ever come up in any sort of investigation or legal process related to a breach.

While it's impossible to completely avoid a breach due to uncontrollable circumstances, 97% of breaches could have been prevented. 

Accidents, errors and theft are just a few ways that information is compromised. Smart devices and wireless services compound the problem.

Proactive detection and correct can go a long way to prevent loss and further fallout due to reputational damage, lost sales, fines, lawsuits, and prosecution.

Readiness Overview

Readiness Overview

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